A Rhythmic, Repeatable way to Train Throwing

The Rev Throw

Training the Throw

Training the correct throwing motion can be difficult & confusing. Here at Revolution Throwing created a tool, The Rev Throw, intended to train your arm path with a rhythmic, repeatable motion. Get the instant feedback you need to better understand how to easily repeat proper and powerful healthy throwing.

The Rev Throw : Arm Path Trainer

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"I would like to say 1st that I was a bit apprehensive the first time I saw Virgil using the Rev Pro with some of our professional minor league pitchers. Yet, the more I watched and listened to his easy instructions the more I wanted to try it myself.

After trying for 20 minutes I was totally convinced by the feel of where it directed my arm. I couldn’t wait to try it with some young throwers and kids in my home town. I can honestly say that it had an immediate positive effect on all that tried it, getting them in the proper mechanical positions. I even had a young man that had no skills whatsoever in throwing a Baseball, whom after 2 days was actually throwing with a completely normal throwing pattern.

I am a total fan and would strongly recommend to anyone who wants to start or improve their throwing motion."

Bob McClure : 19 yrs Major League pitcher ~ 14 yrs Major League Pitching Coach ~ Presently is a Special Assistant for the Minnesota Twins



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