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The Perfect Throw

"The perfect throw became a part of my everyday routine and helped me become infinitely more consistent with my arm action. I have seen other pro players use stuff to shorten arm actions and try to become more repeatable yet the perfect throw is much easier and makes more sense."

Dan Metzdorf - 2019 5th Round Draft Pick - Chicago White Sox

 First, I was a bit apprehensive the first time I saw Virgil using the perfect throw demonstrating it to some of our professional minor league pitchers. But the more I watched and listened to his easy instructions, the more I wanted to try it myself. After doing so for 20 minutes, I was totally convinced by the feel of where it directed my arm.  I am a total fan and strongly would recommend to anyone who wants to start or improve their throwing motion.

Bob McClure ~ 19 year Major League Pitcher ~ 14 yrs Major League Pitching Coach ~ Presently Senior Advisor of Minnesota Twins

Alex Trezza & Virgil Vasquez