Rev Pro Thrower's Bundle

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Do you have more than one thrower that wants to improve? Are you coaching a team or giving lessons? Thrower's Bundle gives you 2 Originals at a discount so you can demonstrate as you are teaching the arm-path or it allows two of your throwers to pattern their arm-path at the same time!

The Perfect Throw - Rev Pro is a simple way to train the arm-path, a dynamic movement in the throwing motion. As one improves at the drill, the thrower will see the body self organize in a healthy and powerful way around the proper arm-path. Throwing can now be done inside or outside, rain or shine, with proper throwing technique for all throwing sports. From practicing your first throw, to mastering the 300 foot throw.

Different uses of The Perfect Throw; arm-path trainer, a warm up tool prior to throwing, patterning tool for the sequence of throwing, conditions the joints, muscles and tissues of the arm and body.

The Rev Pro is good for any thrower 12 years old to the professional.

Our guarantee... Engineered to last, we offer it with a 100% money back or replacement guarantee. 

Free Tutorials available on our website or YouTube. If there are any questions or needing of assistance, please email or text anytime. 

Happy Throwing!

-The Revolution Throwing Team