The Team

     Virgil and Alex have often heard these quotes in the throwing world, "if you throw, you are going to break", "throwing overhand is an unnatural movement". They want to shift this mindset and belief. They believe throwing is a natural movement that should feel good! Since 2019 they have started to accomplish this with the invention of The Rev Throw. Its been helping throwers around the world feel the truth in their throw while being one of the the industry leading arm-path trainers. They are grateful to be apart of the throwing community and look forward to helping for years to come. 

Virgil Vasquez - Co-Founder


     Virgil is currently a professional pitching coach in the Cincinnati Reds Organization. He was originally drafted in the 2000 (7th round) out of Santa Barbara High School but decided to get an education while playing at the University of California Santa Barbara. He was drafted in the 7th round again in 2003 and accepted an offer from the Detroit Tigers to fulfill his dream to play professional baseball. This was his start to a 12 year career as a professional pitcher where he played for five different MLB organizations with two stints at the Major League level. The first was with the Detroit Tigers in 2007 and the other with the Pittsburgh Pirates. During his career he pitched in six countries and compiled a 101-92 record with over 1,300 innings pitched.

     During his career there was an intense search for the correct baseball training method and he used his body as a test subject. Starting as most of us do in high school at the the local gym. In college, he trained with Marcus Elliott at P3 in Santa Barbara, California for 9 years. He did Bikram Yoga for 6 years while finding his true love for movement and meditation in the practice of qigong and tai-chi. It wasn't until 2015 that he met with Caleb Balbuena, a pitching coach out of Sacramento, California. Caleb runs and owns 95PLUS. After one session and the cue to "throw around a tree" he had the AH HA moment. He felt what healthy throwing was supposed to feel like and how power is cultivated in the throwing motion. He took the new awareness home with him to collaborate with his old teammate, friend and now business partner Alex Trezza. Over the 3 next years he blended his professional playing & coaching experience with his love for throwing and passion for movement to create The Rev Throw: arm-path trainer! He did all the work so you don't have to. The Rev Throw was created so you can easily teach or learn the proper throwing motion with simple cues and low stress reps. It helps you learn through a rhythmic repeatable motion where the drill is the instruction.

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 Alex Trezza - Co-Founder


Alex met Virgil while playing together in the Detroit Tigers system in 2003. They have remained close ever since and have each become very passionate about throwing. "I see thousands of kids a year when I'm out recruiting and I am on the field almost everyday. I am passionate about helping players be more efficient with how their body moves through the throwing motion so that they can have the best chance to succeed!"

Alex coached at the collegiate level for 11 years. His last position he was the Associate Head Coach at Boston College where he is responsible for working with the pitchers & catchers. He was an 18th round draft pick in 2001 by the Detroit Tigers and played a total of 12 seasons in professional baseball as a catcher, which included stops in the NY Penn League, Midwest League, Florida State League and Independent Ball (Can Am). He played his collegiate baseball at Stony Brook University where he was an All-American and still holds many offensive records. As a certified CSCS for 8yrs, Alex also has an extensive background in Strength and Conditioning.  

Text him any time 321.234.4717