What does it mean to be ON TIME in the Throwing & Pitching motion


What does it mean to be ON TIME in the Throwing & Pitching motion for baseball and softball? Where is the whip?

As you follow along with #theperfectthrow and its drills. The Revolution Throwing team wanted to highlight the part of the throwing sequence that aligns at the hip-turn. "Where the MAGIC happens" & some simple cuing for the throw.

We all hear; "your arm is late", "stop flying open", "stay closed". Have you ever wondered what you were early or late too? The answer= The hand coming #inside90 and whipping in a circle that is being powered by the turn of the hips is what 'On Time Sequencing' feels and looks like. It is sequencing the ball path and body turn. The release point is an effect of this timing. Sequence this & you will find that the release happens of its own, effortlessly. Now the focus can be, 'what am I going to do to the ball at release pull' not, 'how am I going to get to my release point'.

Classically in the cuing of the throw, we compare the timing of the arm to the timing of the body. What if we compared the bodies timing to the arm? Then it would sound like, "the body is early" rather than "the arm was late". Here Revolution Throwing, we have found that it is easier to be 'patient' with the body, allowing time for the arm to be powered by the hip-turn, rather than speed the arm up to match the rushing body. In the end, it's all about sequencing up the hand moving in, towards the head, creating a whip to release as the hip-turn powers the whip. Whatever cue works for yourself or your throwers most efficiently, that is what we are after.

What cuing have you found most effective to help the sequence of the throw? Thank you for being apart of the throwing revolution.

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Happy Throwing 🤽🏻‍♂️🤽🏻‍♀️➰🔥...RT

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