Building the throw from Top Down

Building your throw from the “Top Down”

When one builds their throw from the ‘Top Down’ you start with the end in mind first. Asking yourself this question,

“Why am I doing any of this in my body?”

Hopefully you come to a similar answer, “to power the ball towards my target.” Everything is about the ball, powering the ball. So let’s master what the ball has to do first. The arm path needs a certain amount of time to move through its pattern before the ball is ready to be propelled forward. Once you feel it (we call this feeling the REV) that is the cue to the body to unleash the power into the ball.

That’s the hardest part about teaching throwing. As throwing teachers we have found greater benefit to the players when we teach through feelings rather than positions. Positions are a reference but the feelings, the feelings a thrower is moving through has great power. This is how #therevthrow was created. To teach this feeling. Allowing the thrower to gain complete understanding of their throw just by doing a simple movement where the drill is the instruction. 

Cuing this :

We hear often in throwing and pitching:

“The arm is late.” : Why are we timing the arm to the body. Is it easy to make the arm faster?

Or is it more efficient to say :

“The body is early.” Pausing the body a tick, allowing the arm to be moving through the Rev before using the body as its power has been seen as an easier mindset of adjustment to have when sequencing ones throw. 


~Happy Throwing 

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