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Wild Pitch Hot Sauce

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The Perfect hot sauce to add to any dish.

High heat runs in the Revolution Throwing family. Virgil, Alex and David have brought together their love of flaming fastballs and spicy flavors to create Wild Pitch Hot Sauce. 

Wild Pitch Hot Sauce is made with simple & fresh ingredients, getting it's sweet tang from the apple cider vinegar and it's medium kick of heat from our special blend of cayenne, jalapeño, and habanero peppers. This mouth satisfying hot sauce will throw a wild pitch into your kitchen and into your taste buds!

Wild Pitch Hot Sauce pairs great with all dishes from meat to veggies, Mexican to Traditional American and much more. 


Wild Reviews 🔥⚾️

“Wild Pitch Hot Sauce hits you with a sweet breaking ball to start off your flavor at bat. Then a spicy fastball at the knees and finally a nice vinegar zing that has you swinging for the fences.” - Donovan Warrecker

"Its DAYUM GOOD." - Zack Morehead

 "Its AWESOME dude! I'm not a fan of hot sauce and this has changed my liking of it. Wild Pitch Hot Sauce has the perfect balance between heat and sweet." John Murphy 

"Super psyched for the first try of Wild Pitch Hot Sauce!! Its really good.... just enough kick!" Ken Harrell

"Its a perfect blend of sweet & tangy with medium enough heat that lingers just past each bite." - Virgil

"Bottle gets opened, bottle gets emptied...Repeat." #routine - Caleb Balbuena

“I love hot sauces, but they have to be about more than just the heat. And when I first tasted it, I was shocked at all the different flavors I was tasting and how well balanced each flavor was. Seriously, I went try it out planning on having one or two chips, ended up using half of my first bottle.” - Bilal Ghandour